Give Yourself a Break

Give Yourself a Break

Movement & Meditation for High-Achievers

Replenish your energy and restore your confidence with science-backed techniques that relieve anxiety and stress. 👇

Big dreams paired with a fast-paced work life, consistent family demands and societal pressures can leave you feeling:

➡️ Overworked
➡️ Under-rested
➡️ Burnt out
➡️ Overwhelmed
➡️ Stressed
➡️ Anxious
➡️ Self-critical
➡️ Unhappy
So what do you do?
💪 Set bigger goals
💪 Learn a new skill
💪 Commit to doing more and trying harder

By leaning in with endless self-improvement, you end up overextended and spread way too thin.

Eventually you run out of patience, become short fused, and feel like you've got a million things to do and no idea where to start. 

Ultimately you lose your way, and you lose yourself.

What if, instead of muscling your way through, finding success in your life can look like slowing down, getting still and dropping into your body?

I know it can!

If you’re ready to feel truly rested, renewed and in love with your authentic Self, I've got just the thing for you!

Give Yourself a Break is a five-week group workshop series that combines science-backed techniques from somatic practices and yoga nidra to relieve anxiety and stress.


Not only will you free yourself from the weight of overwhelm, you’ll walk away with:

⚡Renewed Energy

Rediscover what it’s like to feel truly rested.

This five session series is designed to relieve the weight of stress and anxiety. By targeting your fascia, nervous system, energy body and brain wave activity, these practices will leave you feeling refreshed and replenished so you can do more of what you love and live a life you’re proud of.

⚡Embodied Confidence

Embody your wholeness and vitality and fall in love with your authentic Self.

In this series you’ll come to know your worth, deep in your bones, by embracing unconditional self-acceptance and equanimity, and detaching from self-protective reactions like fear of failure, judgment or dislike.

⚡Increased Brain Power

Calm a busy mind and ease overwhelm so you can move through your daily life with more spaciousness and ease.

This unique combination of yin yoga, acupressure, trigger point release & meditation will hone your ability to concentrate and focus on the things that truly matter, like:

☝️High priority to-dos
☝️Important relationships
☝️Activities that support your health, vitality and joy
☝️Goals that align with your heart and values

⚡High-Level Insights

Become fluent in the language of your mind-body-spirit so you can trust in your innate wisdom and make enlightened decisions that’ll enhance your life.

Free yourself from habitual reactions, like shrinking, distracting, numbing or shaming yourself when physical discomfort, big emotions, or deeply ingrained stories arise. By experiencing your feelings, thoughts and emotions as sensation, you’ll discover new perspectives and create more space between stimulus and response so you can show up in the way you’d like for challenges and opportunities.


How it’ll Go:

✅ - 1:1 Initiation Call: Once registered, you and I will schedule a time to connect one-on-one, for 30 minutes on zoom, and chat about your personal journey.
✅ - Weekly Virtual Practice: For five consecutive Sundays, you’ll be guided through a 2-hour group practice that combines science-backed techniques of yin yoga, acupressure, trigger point release & yoga nidra meditation.
✅ - Integration Support: To ground your insights and support your restoration, I will provide you with practice grids and journal prompts will be provided each week.
✅ - 1:1 Completion Call: To wrap up the experience in a pretty little bow, we’ll have another 30 minute call to help you further ground and embody your transformation.

Series Schedule:

90 minutes on Wednesdays at 5:30pm PST / 6:30pm MST / 8:30pm EST

🗓️  8/30/23
🗓️  9/6/23
🗓️  9/13/23
🗓️  9/20/23
🗓️  9/27/23
We’ll have built-in time for community conversation so your live presence is highly recommended. Still, if you miss a session, each practice will be recorded and available to your group for one month after the series ends. Registration is capped at 10 people to foster an atmosphere of comfort and connection.

What You'll Need:

➡️ An open mind and the desire to allow more ease, peace and comfort in your life.
➡️ The willingness to explore how your body and mind are holding onto stress and anxiety.
➡️ A commitment to showing up for yourself
➡️ Recommended items to support your practice.*
  • 2+ yoga blankets / mid-weight woven blankets
  • 2+ yoga bolsters / firm pillows 
  • 1-2 yoga blocks
  • 2 myofascial release balls / firm tennis balls
  • 1 eye pillow or something to cover your eyes

*If you don’t have access to these items, get creative with what you do have. I’ll help you identify alternatives during your orientation. Or, if you’d like to purchase these tools, many items can be found in the Bolstered Prop Shop. Plus, when you register by August 15th, you can receive a 20% discount off your entire cart. You’ll be sent a discount code once you register. 

Special Bonuses:

Sign-up by August 1, 2023 to enjoy:

💰 - 10% off the series price of $333
💰 - 1 X 60 min 1:1 Yoga Nidra Dyad (75$ value). This is a one-on-one insight dialogue that can unearth the most profound insights.
💰 - 20% off your cart total at
💰 - Access to the recorded practices that you can revisit for up to four months after the series ends.

Join today for $299 (reg. price $333)


Give Yourself a Break is for you if….

➡️ you’re a high-achiever who doesn’t know when or how to take a break
➡️ experience stress and/or anxiety on a regular basis
➡️ you have high expectations of yourself and are self-critical when you don’t meet them
➡️ you are overworked and under rested
➡️ worry keeps you awake at night
➡️ you feel burnt-out, overwhelmed or uninspired by life
➡️ you are always taking care of other people and rarely taking care of yourself

This offer is not for you if you:

➡️ your doctor has advised you to avoid any stretching or massage for acute medical conditions
➡️ your experiencing a significant trauma response or mental health condition AND you don’t have a referral from your therapist.
➡️ your not willing to seek additional support if something does bubble up.
➡️ you’re not open to explore new perspectives.
➡️ you’re not interested in participating in a group with the common interest of self-reflection

It's time to transform your mindset from constantly doing to intentionally being, and this program can help you get there!


I’m beyond excited to share this transformational series with you. See you there!


Take comfort. Take care.
Kristen Hess
Mover & Maker @ Bolstered

I started practicing yoga & mindfulness at age 18, a time riddles with body issues and emotional angst. At the time, I thought yoga was strange but I was open to trying it because I wanted that lean yoga bod.
It didn’t take long for me to realize yoga wasn’t just exercise. As a highly-sensitive person with perfectionistic tendencies, the practice has become my therapy. Now my greatest joy is sharing the tools and practices that helped me survive and thrive.
After 19 years of practice, 800+ hours of teaching and 800 hours of organized study, my mission is to help you feel your best in body and mind by utilizing insights from eastern wisdoms like Yoga, Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with understanding from the western sciences of functional anatomy and neuroscience.
I also design intentional yoga props to bolster your practice, that are as unique and beautiful as you!


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