Bolstered was born out of the desire to cultivate self-love in all and from the belief that self-compassion inspires compassion for others, which ripples out to create a kinder, healthier world.


Bolstered founder, Kristen Hess, leaned into a compassionate practice following a significant personal loss.

She found that incorporating yoga props into her practice encouraged a slower pace and allowed her to feel what was longing to be seen, felt and acknowledged. Using props revealed areas of unnecessary tension and provided stability for her nervous system to unwind.

Through this journey, she cultivated a deeper connection to her inner world, fostering a newfound sense of wisdom and wellness.

A compassionate asana practice is one that approaches the poses with space to feel your body, to look within and be with yourself exactly as you are. 

Take Comfort. Take Care.

Realizing the power of props, Kristen wove her passion for yoga with her expertise in product development, sourcing, and sustainability to create exquisitely crafted, eco-friendly, and ethically sourced yoga props.

Each prop is designed to help you personalize your practice with tools that embody your heart-felt values and guide you towards self-love in every moment.

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