Bolstered Peace

Support your practice with handmade yoga props fashioned from upcycled textiles.

Each purchase gives back. Take Comfort. Take Care.

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Relax deeper into your practice & closer to yourself. ⁠⠀

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I use yoga props to get the most out of the postures and to do the real practice of self-acceptance. Each day is different and no matter what's going on I get to love myself, exactly as I am.

Using sandbags is like getting an assist from your favorite yoga teacher.

What if instead of judging ourselves for needing or wanting to use props, we thanked ourselves for being able to listen close enough to what our bodies are asking for and doing what it needs?


Yoga is for EVERY body!

Supported rest is the most potent of medicine.


My practice shifted from performative ("I want to show that I can do this pose") to explorative ("What happens if I do this?")... my yoga practice became much more SUSTAINABLE AND ENJOYABLE.⁠


May I bolster you?

Handmade with Love

In recent years my personal practice evolved to a slower and more therapeutic approach. By incorporating props into my practice, I could sense in my bones that "yoga is not about being good at something, it's about being good to yourself."

The vision of Bolstered emerged from my love of props paired with my background in product development & ecopreneurship. Then, synchronistically, I was gifted a hand-me-down sewing machine.

And sew it is... I'd love to bolster your practice.

Wholeheartedly, Kristen Hess (RYT500)

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Group Class

Join for virtual yoga classes via Global Breath Studio (on zoom). My weekly class schedule is:

Wednesdays 7pm EST - Energetic Alignment

Thursdays 5:30 EST - Yin for Inner Balance

Group classes blend insights from eastern wisdoms like Yoga, Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with understanding from the western sciences of anatomy and neuroscience. They are gentle, slow, inquisitive and very prop-friendly. 

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Personalized Practice

Want to clear blocked energy, relieve pain, reduce stress or feel more balanced?

Through a combination of asana, pranamaya, meridian self-massage and iRest meditation, I offer guidance to help you feel connected to your health and vibrancy. Let's work together to identify your needs and build a practice that will be most supportive for YOU.

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