Take comfort. Take care.

"Yoga is not about being good at something, it's about being good to yourself."

  • "This beautifully trimmed, unique prop is at my bedside for my morning and nighttime routines. It has become a trusted companion, for those moments when I need to feel connected and centered."

    - Yoli

  • "Absolutely beautiful!! So well made, sturdy interior & gorgeous fabric. We are so excited to find an amazing bolster company! Also fantastic customer support"

    - Bianca

  • "The larger sized eye pillow is perfect. I hold a lot of tension in my forehead. And the vegan silk covering feels like heaven descended on my face. I can't wait to use this for yoga Nidra, savasana, listening to music, whatever the self care calls for. I'm a fan for life!"

    - Sherri

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  • Active

    Cushion your boney bits with a Narrow Bolster as you flow through kneeling and seated postures. The addition of a Yoga Blanket, a Bolster under your knees and an Eye Pillow in savasana will help you truly surrender into relaxation.

  • Restorative

    When it comes to restorative yoga postures and props, the more the merrier. Get a great deal with the Restorative Bundle which includes a Square Bolster, Narrow Bolster and Blanket so you can make the poses work for you.

  • Meditation

    Support a stress-free posture with a Bolster under your seat and a Yoga Blanket around your shoulders. For Yoga Nidra, soften tension from the forhead and block out distraction with the Bolstered Eye Pillow.