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Upcoming Workshops

Myofascial Release Workshop 

Saturday October 14, 11:00 - 1:30pm
at Louisville Community Yoga
535 E. South Boulder Rd, Louisville, CO

Feel your tension melt away in this relaxing workshop. You’ll be guided through several self-myofascial release techniques, using tools like tennis balls, yoga blocks, and blankets to address common trigger points. It will be like treating yourself to a full-body massage, but better because you get to customize the pressure and focus on the most meaningful points for YOUR body. The workshop will wrap up with a body scan for deep rest and relaxation.
No yoga experience is required. Wear tighter fitting clothes that you’ll be comfortable in. All tools will be provided.
Investment: $44, pre-register to reserve your space
Workshop is limited to 15 participants


Weekly Schedule

Yin Yoga

Sundays 9:30-10:30am
at Louisville Community Yoga
535 E. South Boulder Rd, Louisville, CO

Yin Yoga has an emphasis on long-held, passive stretches working into the deeper connective tissues. With the option of utilizing a variety of yoga props, most yin postures are held for 2-5 minutes and are practiced seated or lying on the mat. A yin class offers the student an opportunity for deep meditation while finding stillness in the postures and is an option for those who find seated meditation challenging. 

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Good Morning Stretch  

Tuesdays 7-8am
Rocky Mountain Yoga & Pilates
816 E. Baseline Rd, Lafayette CO

Start the day off right with a therapeutic vinyasa class that will strengthen and stretch your whole body. 

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