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RAD Micro Rounds - Myofascial Release Tools

RAD Micro Rounds - Myofascial Release Tools

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Set of 3 myofascial release balls, in three different sizes.

Targeted Release for Tight Spaces

These myofascial release balls are specifically designed for the body, not sports, so are better at targeting trigger points and releasing tension. 

Rounds have the small size and pinpoint precision to mobilize muscles that other tools can’t touch. With three sizes and three different densities, these balls serve up infinite options when it comes to tackling your tough spots. Purchase includes one large, one medium and one small Round.

Precision Makes Perfect

The difference between RAD Rounds and other massage tools is simple. It’s all about precision. Truth is: you can oftentimes achieve far greater results by focusing on a single insertion point (that’s where your soft tissue connects to bone or joint) than you can by stretching an entire muscle. RAD Rounds are small and compact so you can hit the small, stubborn spots that other bulky tools just brush over.

What We’re Made Of

RAD Rounds are made of top-grade silicone which means you can heat or cool them. For a warm, relaxing experience, simply soak in hot water for five to ten minutes. Or for a cold, refreshing sensation, soak in ice water, freeze or refrigerate.  . The small round has a stiffer build while the large round is slightly softer to accommodate a range of uses. 

That Hits the Spot

People come in all shapes and sizes, and our RAD Rounds help everyone find the fit they need for the trigger point issue at hand. These helpful mobility tools help you pinpoint your pressure for accurate, relieving massage where you need it most. 


LARGE: 2.2”

MEDIUM: 1.6”


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